Thank you so much for taking the time to explore my website. A great deal of my time is spent just answering questions about mortgages and various circumstances related to loans and mortgages. If I can be of any help to you or a friend or family member, don’t hesitate to call and ask. There is absolutely no charge for consultation.During a professional background as diverse as TV News (with Walter Cronkite), TV Programming, Manufacturing, Product Design and Development, Marketing (Cabbage Patch Kids 1984!) and Screenwriting, being a Mortgage Consultant has proved to be the most fun and rewarding profession of all. The only thing that could make my job more fun would be if my building let me bring my dog to work.

One of my joys is helping people. A natural puzzle-solver, when I am confronted by the challenges people face in today’s restrictive market, I’m able to devise winning solutions. Compassion and integrity are built into the bone. My goals: help people understand and determine their best options. 40% of my time is spent counseling people “pro bono” – often advising clients not to buy or refinance if it isn’t clearly the right choice.

I’m a residential specialist who also handles commercial, construction, and hard money loans. In addition to traditional broker relations with banks and portfolio lenders, my firm, Guaranteed Rate, has its own lines of credit and funds 80% of its loans.Guaranteed Rate is licensed across the USA. If I can’t do it, it can’t be done.

Here is a bit more about my background. Thanks again for visiting

BA from Yale University
MBA from NYU Graduate School of Business
Certificate of Advanced Studies from the Wharton Business School
Master’s program at NYU Graduate School of Film

Work Experience:
Managed NBC TV News and Programming, highlighted by the creation of “Saturday Night Live”
Built an accessories business including being part of the Cabbage Patch Kids phenomenon.
Became the country’s largest ladies belt manufacturer with factories in 6 countries.
Slept until 11am every day during his sojourn as a Hollywood screenwriter.
Created ZooFitters® – diaper covers for babies, sold internationallyScreen Shot 2015-04-11 at 9.33.40 AM