Quirky Online Mag, Curbed LA, Provides a Great Read

 Oil Field Mansion in Baldwin Hills

Google say’s that their plan is to provide a link to every bit of information on every subject possible. Curbed LA (find it at http://curbed.com) is working hard to provide some of the most interesting content for Los Angeles and the iconic properties, buildings, and star power that underline this wonderland.


Check out some of their latest stories:


A recent favorite of mine told the history of a mansion that stands very lonely in Baldwin Hills with a beautiful view of oil wells all around. Who knew?!


Of course, no website dealing with LA property would be complete without frequent stories on what is being offered for sale and for how much. Curbed LA doesn’t disappoint. They are constantly finding treasures and oddities that will delight your sense of the essential uniqueness of this part of the planet.


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