Mortgage Tip – How To Know You Are Getting the Best Deal

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We are all bombarded by mortgage lender advertising today. And every single lender claims to have the very best deal. Some promise no points, others the lowest rate. Some claim there will be no closing costs, and others tout their ability to get you a loan even if you’ve been bankrupt.

While there is no guarantee that even with the best broker and lender in the US you will find every possible savings, you can have confidence that you have done everything reasonably possible when you use a broker/lender like Bill Rayman and

The reasons are simple and straightforward. When you speak to a banker or other lender that is not a broker, your possible packages are limited to those offered by that banker or lender. They are not going to modify the package to suit your specific situation. Moreover, they will have underwriting standards that are fixed, and not likely to be modified to take into consideration your special circumstances. Finally, you will be dealing with an employee whose primary mission is to satisfy his employer, not someone whose first inclination is to help you.

With a broker/lender you have the best of all worlds. The broker only gets paid if you do a loan. Therefore the broker cares very much about your specific needs and situation. The broker is going to work as hard as possible to overcome any roadblocks in your loan process, and find you a deal that no one else can touch. A great broker is also going to listen carefully to the specifics of your personal needs and try to find a loan that is tailored to you.

With a broker/lender like Bill Rayman and you will have access to the mortgage products offered by Bill has found that in the majority of cases, GuaranteedRate will have the best deal for his clients. However, when that is not the case, Bill can shop your loan with all the largest banks and even small local lenders who may have special products that cover your circumstance.

A perfect example might be someone who is self employed and whose income varies greatly from year to year. Some lenders would automatically reject that loan, where Bill might be able to find a lender who understands that situation. Another example is the borrower who has had a recent bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short sale. Some lenders are more open to reviewing the details than others

Finally, the fantastic sounded headline product on the Internet may look really good until you get into the details. Mortgage companies have to make a profit on their loans, and the profit doesn’t vary much from company to company. They just have different ways of showing the costs. Bill Rayman will take the time to explain the various ways you can deal with points, closing costs, fixed vs adjustable interest rates, various lengths of payback, and when to lock.

Give Bill Rayman a call. Explain your situation. Bill will go to work to find you the very best loan for you! Call today at (424) 354-5325

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