Fixing Your Credit Reports Just Got Much Easier

Your credit reports and scores can be a fantastic resource or a huge block to achieving some of your financial goals. Whether you are simply looking to acquire your first credit card, looking to own or lease a car, rent an apartment, or buy a home, your credit score can have a major impact on whetheScreen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.41.42 AMr those doors are open or closed. Even if you are able to get credit for one or all of these options, the cost of financing can be vastly different depending on your credit score.

In this age of instant information, several companies have jumped into the space of providing easy access to your credit scores. Some of those charge a fee. Some say they are free, but you soon learn that if you want all of your data, you many need to pay some fees. And, of course, you can still go directly to the three main credit reporting companies and get your information.

One company seems to stand out among the online resources providing you with access to both credit information and financing options. Credit Karma is 100% free and the depth of provided services is excellent and growing. We have no connection of any kind to Credit Karma, and have not been paid to provide this review.

As reported in,, and elsewhere, Credit Karma has just added a new tool that may be the best yet…a simple way to clean up errors on your credit report accounts. At least on the first day of the rollout, finding the new tool is not easy. However, we have done that work for you. Once you are on your home page, merely click the “Help Center” link at the bottom of the home page. This will take you to a new page called, of course, the “Help Center.” On the far right you will see another link, “Something is incorrect with my credit information.” Click on this link for a very well thought out page on how to dispute a credit issue using the Credit Karma “Direct Dispute” resolution tool. As of this writing, you are limited to disputing one item at a time through Credit Karma. If there is more than one disputed item, you can take those other items direct to the credit reporting company, and Credit Karma will give you instructions on this, as well.

We have reported here on the other fantastic tools on Credit Karma, and this new tool only adds to their benefits. Please understand that they are not doing all of this as a community service. They make money off recommendations throughout the site for financing options you might use. These are somewhat personalized based on your credit information, so can save you time in locating a new credit card or car loan.

All of the tools provided by Credit Karma can help you improve your credit scores and thereby help with getting a mortgage or refinance on a home. If you are contemplating applying for a mortgage, there is a human side to that process. Bill Rayman can help you with each step of the mortgage process, from prequalification to the close. He will help put you in the best mortgage product for your exact circumstances, and help you with every aspect of the application and documentation.

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